Trucking & Rigging Planetary Strander Texas to Illinois

Trucking & Rigging Planetary Strander Texas to Illinois

What is a Planetary strander cable reeler? How heavy can they get and what do I need to move one from Texas to Illinois?

A Planetary strander cable reeler is a piece of industrial equipment used in the cable and wire manufacturing industry. It is designed to wind or reel cables, wires, or strands onto spools or drums. This equipment is commonly used for making large spools of wire or cable for various applications, such as electrical wiring, telecommunications, and construction.
The weight of a Planetary strander cable reeler can vary significantly depending on its size and capacity. Smaller units may weigh a few thousand pounds, while larger industrial-grade reelers can weigh tens of thousands of pounds or more.

When it comes to moving such heavy equipment from one location to another, especially a long-distance move from Texas to Illinois, you would typically need to follow these steps:

Begin by assessing the specific dimensions and weight of the Planetary strander cable reeler you intend to move. This information is crucial for planning the logistics of the move.

When you go with Pedowitz you’re going with the best. We’re a professional heavy equipment moving company with experience in transporting industrial machinery. We have the expertise, equipment, and resources to safely and efficiently handle the relocation.

Depending on the size and weight of the equipment, we may need to obtain permits from state and local authorities for the transportation of oversized and overweight loads. When it comes to route planning there are none better than our Route Planning department. We plan the transportation route carefully, taking into account the size of the equipment, any road restrictions, bridge weight limits, and other logistical considerations. Specialized trailers and vehicles may be needed to accommodate the size and weight of the reeler.

The Planetary strander cable reeler should be properly secured and balanced on the transportation trailer to prevent shifting or tipping during transit. We will load the equipment onto the transport trailer using heavy-duty equipment like cranes or forklifts. Then it’s time to transport it to the destination, adhering to all safety regulations and guidelines. Upon arrival in Illinois, the equipment was carefully unloaded and set in place at its new location. Of course we’re using state of the art rigging and hoisting equipment.

As always, safety is job one. So we ensure that all local regulations and safety standards are met during the transportation and installation process.

The cost of moving heavy industrial equipment like a Planetary strander cable reeler can vary widely depending on factors such as size, weight, distance, permits, and specialized handling requirements. So give us a call and we’ll get you a quote, or you can FILL OUT THIS FORM.

When this client needed a trucking & rigging services company to move a Planetary Strander from Texas to Illinois this client chose Pedowitz.

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Container Shipping Grinder Carolina Port Trucking Company 2
Container Shipping Grinder Carolina Port Trucking Company

Picking up the Container:
• Upon arriving at the port, truck drivers typically check in, provide documentation, and are directed to the pick-up location.
• Once at the location, the container is loaded onto the truck chassis with the help of cranes or other equipment.

• Ensure you have the proper route planned out, taking into account any weight or height restrictions along the route.
• Secure the container properly to avoid any shifting of the machinery during transport.

Returning Equipment: Once the Grinder machine has been delivered and the container has been offloaded, the empty container often needs to be returned to a designated depot or back to the port.

Insurance: Make sure the Grinder machine is adequately insured during transportation. The value of the machinery and the potential risks during transit should determine the coverage amount.

Communicate: Keep open communication with all parties involved, including the shipper, consignee, and the port. This can ensure a smoother pickup process and promptly address any issues that may arise.

Stay Updated: Port regulations, tariffs, and protocols can change. Regularly stay updated with any changes in the port’s guidelines or the relevant customs procedures.
Before picking up from the Port of Charleston specifically, it’s a good idea to reach out to the port’s customer service or visit their official website to understand any specific regulations or requirements they might have.

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